Aluminum Framing Systems for Your Business

  • Posted by Ashley Easterwood
  • On August 18, 2022

Whether you’re building a new office or converting an older space, aluminum office fronts may provide more benefits to your business than you realize. Aluminum framing not only portrays professionalism and provides simple, sleek aesthetics, but is also a return on investment. Aluminum framing systems showcase an open concept environment to your clients, no matter what the size.

Various aluminum framing options are available to provide a clean, streamlined appeal to your office space. Aluminum framing offers several finishes to ensure your creative vision is achieved while making the space more appealing and stylized. They also save significant space compared to traditional office styles (especially with the combination of the sliding aluminum door panels). Businesses that require large amounts of furniture or equipment in the office benefit from the extra space allowed by a slim style frame and sliding door.

Office space owners are aware of the amount of work and energy that can be involved when building full, permanent walls. Installation is easy as well as removable, making remodeling or moving less stressful. Lighting is also an essential part of your office building. More permanent walls decrease the efficient use of lighting in the building, increasing energy consumption and discarding the beneficial use of natural light. Aluminum office fronts take on more lighting to help your space illuminate without using extra light sources, decreasing the strain on your budget.

Frameworks provides two types of aluminum framing systems, Type I and Type II, with several finish options and are manufactured to integrate into standard drywall but can be adapted to accommodate other wall conditions. Featuring smart designs, snap-on trim, recessed glazing pockets, concealed fasteners, and more, Frameworks can create it for new construction or retrofit. 

To view our aluminum framing options, click here. For more information regarding a specific framing system or to speak with one of our team members to place an order, contact us today. 

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