Glass Bite Explained

  • Posted by Ashley Easterwood
  • On December 16, 2021

“Glass Bite” is a term that refers to the amount of glass that is secured inside the aluminum of the assembly. It is a linear distance measured from the edge of the glass to the edge of the aluminum pocket. Although the vinyl glazing material protrudes into the inside of the frame, the bite is measured only between the aluminum pocket and the edge of the glass as shown below. Implementing a glass bite correctly is essential to safely retain the glass in the aluminum frame.

To correctly place glass inside an aluminum frame for an ideal glass bite, a minimum of 5/16” at the header and vertical jabs must be placed while a minimum of 1/8“ must be at the base. Measurements should start from the bottom of the glass to the top of the glass stop. The glass should also be providing 5/8“ more than the Day Light Opening (DOL) size for the width and 1/2“ for the height.

The glass bite dimension for Frameworks’ Type II frames, illustrated below and shown by the yellow star, is the distance that the glass sits inside the glass pocket of the glass jamb, or inside the glass base. A minimum of 5/16” bite is needed at the sides and header of the glass, while the base requires a minimum of 1/8”.

For Type II frames that have glass clearance dimensions with a sidelight and intermediate vertical mullion, the maximum clearance horizontally is 0.758” (~ 3/4”) while the maximum clearance vertically is 0.690” (~11/16”), as shown below.

Below, the 487 series is shown for the sill and header, but the dimensions are the same for all series. 

The glass bite dimensions for Type I frames, shown by the yellow star, is also the distance that the glass sits inside the glass pocket of the glass jamb, or inside the glass base. It too requires a minimum of 5/16” bite at the header and the vertical jambs and 1/8” at the base, illustrated below. 

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